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This website is a convenient place for me to make available various articles I’ve written, mostly about global warming. I’ve been studying global warming for about 6 years as a retirement project. I have a strong background in physics and computers and I’m able to follow the science involved. However the science is very complicated and even though a lot is known, a lot is not known. For example the influence of the sun on the climate is indisputable but it is not clear what the mechanisms are by which the sun exerts its influence. The overturning circulation of the oceans is clearly important, but this circulation is poorly understood. Everyone agrees that clouds are important but that there is not a good understanding of their influence on climate sensitivity.

As an outsider getting involved in climate science, at first I was impressed by the scientific literature and the works of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). But as I learned more I came to realize that a lot of the work product of the IPCC and other scientists was very poor science and apparently driven by a great desire to proselytize the public and elites. A segment of climate scientists apparently have a green philosophy, a sort of religion, that they want to spread. This has caused them to slant the science and misrepresent how good the science really is. These green believers dominate climate science and suppress dissent. Very few people in the climate science field, especially young scientists, can openly be critical of global warming alarmism. To do so would be career suicide. There are very eminent older climate scientists, like Richard Lindzen and Roger Peilke Sr. that are publicly critical of the green doctrine. These are scientists who are so accomplished and established as to be immune to retaliation. Mid-career climate scientists, like Roy Spencer and John Christy, both from the University of Alabama Huntsville, are critical of global warming doctrine and have done very important scientific work trying to point the science in a sounder direction. But most of the critics of global warming alarmism come from related fields of science, for example meteorology, engineering or physics.

I’ve discovered that if a person is committed to green ideology it is very difficult to change their mind about global warming alarmism. This is true even if they are technically qualified and able to understand scientific arguments. You can’t change their thinking because their thinking is faith based. In other words they have come to believe in a green religion. Even though these believers could have a green religion without global warming they are very reluctant to let go of global warming because it is a justification for other tenets of the green religion like using less energy. However scientific arguments and facts are very important for informing people who are open minded on the subject of global warming.

Norman Rogers